Septic System Installing & General Excavation Offered

Falconer & Sons Excavation is a local Boulder County and Larimer County approved company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

We are proudly qualified to be on the Boulder County Public Health Department's list of approved septic system inspectors & installers for (onsite wastewater system) house sale permit process. The strict requirements for obtaining qualification begin with training and testing and continuing education requirements through NAWT. We are qualified to help you with the many requirements to sell a house with a septic system in Boulder County. It all starts with locating your septic tank and septic, tank pumping and inspecting.

The primary focus for us is to provide our customers with sewer inspections.

Also known as septic system inspection, a sewer inspection is needed to get a Property Transfer Certificate Of Operation and subsequent permission to sell the house. This certification is required by the Septic Smart program in order to comply with Boulder County home sale requirements needed for being able to sell and transfer your property. Septic tanks and leach fields, known as the soil treatment area are inspected to determine if you have an approved system & a properly functioning septic system. Septic tank pumping is also offered.


There are many requirements to sell a house with a septic system in Boulder County.

Sewer inspections need to be done by a Boulder County Health Department certified septic system inspector instead of just having a septic tank pumping company fill out a report. When you are buying or selling a Boulder County home you should consult with us because we specialize in the regulations for getting the Property Transfer Certificate of Operation. We also gladly provide Larimer County septic system and septic system inspections.

We specialize in Larimer & Boulder counties and helping you when selling a Boulder County home. The first step is getting a Boulder County Public Health Department Property Transfer Certificate of Operation.